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The Rooted Teacher by KDP is a quality-of-life initiative for teachers committed to living their best life in and outside the classroom. Offering easily accessible resources and a supportive community of like-minded teachers, The Rooted Teacher by KDP will help you find a harmonious balance between your personal and professional lives.

The Rooted Teacher Podcast is dedicated to supporting teachers as they improve the quality of their lives in simple ways each day. Dive deep into practical strategies and inspiring stories from teachers just like you that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are brand new to the classroom and looking to get rooted or a little more seasoned and looking to stay rooted, The Rooted Teacher by KDP is here to uplift and support YOU.

Enjoy the podcast and please share it with other teachers.  KDP teacher members receive special member benefits from The Rooted Teacher such as weekly microlearning videos, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on living your best life, and invitations to meet with Coach Calvalyn in live, virtual support group sessions for teachers.
Remember, when teachers are rooted in their own well-being, they can inspire their students to thrive.


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Episode 7: Avoiding Toxic Positivity

Jan 24, 2024

As teachers, we explore the importance of embracing our feelings, promoting genuine well-being, and maintaining a healthy outlook on life. Join us for an enlightening discussion on how to navigate the fine line between promoting positivity and acknowledging the complexities of the human experience. (10 min)



Episode 6: ACEs, Trauma, and Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

Dec 13, 2023
We know that many of our students face extreme hardships and challenges before they come into our room, but supporting children who have experienced ACES or trauma can take a toll on you too. In this episode of The Rooted Teacher Podcast by KDP, we delve into the crucial topics of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), trauma, and how to avoid compassion fatigue in the world of education. (11 min)



Episode 5: Navigating Uncertainty

Nov 29, 2023
In a world of constant change, uncertainty becomes a familiar companion. Teachers, just like the students they guide, often find themselves at the intersection of new challenges and unforeseen situations. But can you learn how to thrive, and not just survive, in these uncharted waters? In episode 5 of The Rooted Teacher Podcast by KDP, we dive deep into the art of "Navigating Uncertainty. (13 min)



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Hosted by Calvalyn Day, MsEd, TICC, an expert in supporting personal well-being and development. Calvalyn is a nationally published author, coach, and speaker. She is highly sought out for her trauma-informed and culturally competent approach to staff development, especially for Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers.

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Would you like to feel more confident?

Feb 22, 2024

As a coach I hear very often from people who wish that they could feel more confident. I'm here to tell you the only thing standing between you and feeling more confident is action.

Improve Your People Skills

Feb 15, 2024

If there's one skill that we can all benefit from it is interacting with people. Here are some tips to help you improve your people skills.

The Mindset for the Best You

Feb 1, 2024

When you’re new to teaching, its normal to want to do everything right. If you want to have a long and exciting career in education it's important that you have a healthy mindset.

Do You Need a Nervous System Reset?

Jan 25, 2024

Every now and again, I need to do what I call a nervous system reset. Robyn Gobbel has a podcast for parents and educators, and she shared a list of things that you can do to help reset, so I chose my favorites from her list and maybe these will help you too.

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Jan 18, 2024

There are lots of things that you can do each day to maintain a healthy mind. I like to say that mental health is hygienic, so the same way you brush your teeth and wash your face, you need to incorporate small ways to maintain your mental health each day.