Who We Are

Our Mission

KDP inspires and equips teachers to thrive.

Our Vision

Excellent teachers build thriving communities and create lifelong opportunities by providing quality, equitable education for all.

Our History

Kappa Delta Pi, known as KDP, was founded on March 8, 1911, at the University of Illinois by Dr. William Bagley. KDP became incorporated on June 8, 1911. Other educational honor societies existed in 1911 but they did not welcome teachers who were women or people of color.  KDP was founded to celebrate and embrace all teachers of excellence as an inclusive organization.  Annually, we celebrate March 8 as KDP’s Founder’s Day.

KDP has evolved over 100 years to become the largest national honor society in education, and you are proudly joined by 20,000+ peers and more than 600 chapters. 



Committed to being the best, our members, volunteers, leaders, and staff are among the most outstanding in their fields.



We uphold truth and transparency. We honor our words and commitments. We walk the walk, and make sure our words and actions always align.



We are comprised of the brightest and most knowledgeable individuals within the field of education and determinedly draw on their collective insights to produce sound judgement.



We embrace and foster all qualities of diversity, including race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual identity, and ability.



We are committed to being fair and impartial, intentionally seeking perspectives that challenge our thinking.



We are aware of and sensitive to the emotions of our members and colleagues.