Teacher Liability Insurance Is Free for KDP Members

By Phil Kitchel posted 05-10-2022 05:13 PM


Miss Montel was excited about her 4th-grade class’s visit to the zoo—her first field trip!—and so were her students. She was a little nervous, but she had experienced support from her teaching assistant and two parents. At the zoo, they broke the students into three groups headed by an adult, reminding the students to stay with their group at all times. Unfortunately, one student in Miss Montel’s group lingered too long at the monkey house. The group had moved on, and he had to run to catch up—but he tripped on a cobblestone, stumbled down a short embankment, and broke his finger.

Two weeks later, Miss Montel learned that the boy’s parents were suing her for negligence, and the school district informed her that they would not assist in her defense: She was personally liable for her lawyer fees and any damages the court ordered her to pay.

Of the many benefits of KDP membership, perhaps the most valuable and least understood by teacher candidates and new teachers is the professional liability insurance coverage that is available to you when you join or renew—at no additional cost.

When you sign up, and re-up each year, your policy with the Forest T. Jones Company protects you against a broad range of exposures, such as injury to students under your supervision, failure to educate, violation of student civil rights, and improper placement of students. Even if you have a liability plan through your teacher union, this coverage supplements your existing plan to enhance your protection.

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